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Alta Career Academy offers a standards-based, digital curriculum that personalizes learning. It can be the difference between dropping out of school and earning a high school diploma. With comprehensive courses in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and career electives, students who have not been successful in their studies can get back on track to graduation.

Our digital curriculum provides an active learning experience that engages all students in rigorous coursework to prepare them for college and work. Students may access their courses and make progress any time of day outside of their assigned school session. Student knowledge and understanding is regularly assessed through computer-scored formative and summative assessments and teacher scored written assignments.

Our interactive grade book is an excellent tool for parents to view information about their child’s academic work. Teachers stay in frequent contact with both students and parents, responding to them through email or phone.

Apex Learning, our digital curriculum of choice, is accredited by AdvancED and approved by The Florida Department of Education.

Graduation Requirements

Alta Career Academy is committed to supporting students in their personal and academic goals, with a focus on helping them meet their college and career potential.

To fulfill Alta Career Academy’s graduation requirements, students typically enroll in 5-7 credits per 10-month enrollment.

To graduate from Alta Career Academy, students must complete a total of 24 credits, obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00, and complete their last grading period at Alta Career Academy.

Course Requirements:

  • English (4 Credits)
  • Mathematics (3 Credits)
  • Science (3 Credits)
  • Social Sciences (3 Credits)
  • Fine Arts (1 Credit)
  • Personal Fitness (0.5 Credit)
  • Health Life Mgmt. (0.5 Credits)
  • World Languages (2 Credits)
  • Career Electives (7 Credits)
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