About Us

Message from the Director

Welcome to Alta Career Academy! We are committed to serving our students, families, and community with care, compassion, and dedication. Parents considering private school for their children have an overwhelming number of choices, each with their own qualities, culture, and cost.

Alta Career Academy is the right fit for families who need a supportive, safe, and affordable learning experience for their children. Our innovative approach to education gives students hope and provides them with the resources they need to earn a high school diploma. We offer students a nationally recognized digital curriculum on which they learn at their own pace. Students take courses, recover credits, and improve their grade point average (GPA). State mandated assessments are not required for graduation, eliminating the need for the dreaded EOC tests. The small student-to-teacher ratio ensures students thrive as they receive the attention they need. Lastly, School Choice scholarships and our sliding scale tuition make private school education affordable to all families.

We welcome all students who are ready to work diligently towards graduation and we invite you to visit our school.

With gratitude,
Ahysa Boutron

The mission of Alta Career Academy is to reach all learners by providing a personalized approach to education and a challenging academic curriculum in a supportive environment where students can develop the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to thrive in life.


Students who recognize their potential, face the challenges of the future with courage and confidence, and enrich their communities.

Educational Philosophy

Alta Career Academy was founded on the core belief that education is the foundation to success in life.
We Believe:
  • Students can learn to think, reason, and achieve at high levels.
  • Students have potential for educational and economic success beyond high school.
  • Every staff member can build positive relationships with students that contribute to learning.

Who We Serve

Each of our students is unique in their strengths, interests, characteristics, challenges, and experiences.

Alta Career Academy welcomes students ages 12-21 into a non-traditional school setting where students, often years behind in coursework, can get back on track to graduation.

Low grades, absenteeism, and disruptive behavior are indicators of an at-risk student. An at-risk student refers to students who have a high probability of flunking a class or dropping out of their school. Factors that can create an at-risk student can include homelessness, pregnancy, health and financial issues, domestic violence, and more.

Regardless of why they struggle, we believe every student has the desire to succeed—in school and in life—and it is our goal to provide them with the opportunity and support to do so.

Alta Career Academy